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Magnobots - Interactive Robot Assemblage Sculptures

By Neokentin

Interactive Robot Sculpture by Duke Dolan and Will Wagenaar. MAGNOBOTS are the latest in interactive sculpture technology, specially crafted to increase the delight ratio in high level mammals, such as […]

Jewelry Photo Frame

By Neokentin

Vintage jewelry pieces assembled inside a vintage photo frame. Two butterfly jewelry pieces on the outside. Clip earrings and brooches were used. Many colors, shapes, sizes, styles, etc… There is […]

Recycled Trash Quilt

By Neokentin

Items in this frame are: toys, kids cake toppings, broken cable cord, buttons, bottle and jars lids, burnt lamps, rusted metal hardware, plastic and discarded jewelry, aluminum foil, plastic bottle, […]

Dog with Moving Ears

By sophie marsham

Shoe trees, fur and copper.

Junkart Objects by Derek Scholte

By Neokentin

Derek Scholte create objects with materials that other people regard junk. Things found on the streets, vintage objects from flea markets and scrubby little shops. He loves vintage, antique stuff […]

'm' Is for Monkey

By sophie marsham

Old wooden printing blocks, springs and copper.

Time Is of the Essence

By sophie marsham

Watch face, old nut crackers and sugar tongs, all mounted in a Victorian, glass-fronted biscuit tin.

Field of Beer

By sophie marsham

Old bottle tops, painted and mounted into a box frame.

Orange Glass Flower

By sophie marsham

An old found glass paperweight, a small copper saucepan, a brass cloakroom tags and a used mustard jar and you have a flower !

Radiator Sheep

By sophie marsham

This radiator sheep was shipped up to the highlands of Scotland, for the photograph.

Mattress Sheep

By sophie marsham

Single bed mattress that was discarded down an alleyway, converted into a moving sheep.


By sophie marsham

This bee was made from found objects.

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