Ostéoplane Mixed Media Hanging Art

By ennovy

With an interesting blend of materials, from bone, crab pincers, feathers, and more, I created this Mixed Media Hanging Art. You can make your own interpretation of my Mixed Media Hanging […]

Baby Mobile

By Neokentin

Made of the rim of a children’s bike, the little players of a foosball game and fishing-line. © Studio Ferre: recycle, reuse, repurpose

Mobile Pizzeria in a Shipping Container

By Neodim

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria designed to bring Neapolitan-inspired pizza to the people, rather than drawing them to a fixed location(San-Francisco). It features a 5,000-lb Stefano Ferrara wood-fired brick […]

1949 Chevy Book Mobile

By Neodim

From the collection of Mr Henderson

Mosaic Glass Recycled Cd

By Neokentin

A new recycling idea come in my glass art studio when I realized the amount of CD scratched that stopped working!! and I was near to throw away!! I use glass […]

Diy: Leaf Mobile

By Neodim

Is there a better way to celebrate fall than to bring nature indoors with a seasonal leaf mobile? All you’d have to do is to take a walk perhaps with […]

Mobile Kitchens By Maxime Ansiau

By Neodim

Maxime Ansiau found his inspiration in old stainless steel and chrome parts from bathrooms, kitchens and hospitals. He used what he needed for his mobile kitchens. Each piece is thus […]

Mobile Phone Evolution (Cardboard)

By Neodim

Miniaturisation in the style of a Russian Doll. Everything is made out of cardboard by Kyle Bean (UK) ++ Kyle Bean

Toilet Paper Mobile

By Neokentin

This beautiful, colorful and fun mobile was created from toilet paper rolls, magazine and printing scraps and odd bits of paper. And they twirl. ++ I love Making Stuff

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