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Halloween Monster Made From An Old Sweater & A Repurposed Tin Can

By Loisirette

A friend gave me an old sweater she wanted to get rid saying “see what you can do with it!”. It’s almost Halloween, and I had the idea of making […]

Upcycled Cotton Monsters

By Neokentin

Artist Jennifer Strunge gives new life to secondhand fabrics by recycling them into extraordinary creations called “Cotton Monsters”. Most of Jennifer creations are constructed using clean thrifted clothing as well […]

Diy: Rock Monster Magnets

By Neokentin

These colorful little monster magnets will brighten your kitchen appliances. Coast always has made an excellent DIY tutorial in 8 steps to show you how to make them yourself with all […]

Mostri Mostrissimi© - Monsterest Monsters Made Of Textile Scrap

By Neokentin

Mostri Mostrissimi© – the Monsterest Monsters – pretend to be dangerous creatures, but they came to our city to save us. Adopting M*M you help them with their mission. They […]

Monster Stuffie Using Ugly Vintage Wool Sweater

By Neokentin

I found this ugly vintage wool sweater at the thrift store for $5. I then felted it then turned part of it into this monster stuffie – the face is […]

Vintage Beer Can Lamp With Pull Tab Lampshade

By Neokentin

Here is a lamp that I made using a vintage recycled Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can. The lamp shade is constructed using recycled beer can tabs linked together. I also […]

Amazing Recycled Metal Arts

By Neokentin

We make the fantastic recycled metal art & design from scrap & recycled parts of motorcycle, auto parts, machine… We create our works in many size, small to large and […]

Plastic Bag Monster

By Neokentin

Turn all your unwanted plastic bags into an environmental project ! Change them into adorable monster puppets or a nice decoration for your home ! Just use a little bit […]

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