Wine Barrel Sidecar

By Neodim

A pretty kickin’ sidecar for the wine lover :)

Lamp from Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

Lighting fixture made of old chimney part and motorcycle turning lights.

Watch Parts Motorcycles

By Neokentin

We already presented you some miniature motorcycles made from watch parts, here is another ones made exclusively out of vintage watch parts.

Lamp from Motorcycle Headlight

By Neokentin

The perfect use for an old motorcycle headlight !

Diy: Stool with Old Motorcycle Tires

By Neokentin

You cut a wood board and then you cut two circle of wood that will go at the top of your stool. After, you pierce the tires and locked them […]

Moto Brake Disc Trivet

By Neokentin

Here is a trivet I made from an old moto brake disc. The only work I had to do was to make little legs for it. I thought about using […]

Sculptor Concerned about the Sustainability

By Neokentin

Born in Jundiaí, São Paulo, artist Bianchin Emerson is dedicated to the art for over 10 years. Self-taught, his restless spirit Bianchin expressed in sculptures, in the eyes of the […]

Custom Sculptures Made from Recycled Metal

By Neokentin

My elementary and middle school friend Tom Samui from Switzerland makes these custom sculptures out of recycled car and motorcycle parts. He’s looking to expand his customer base and he’s […]

Tissot Watch Upcycled Into Miniature Harley

By Neokentin

Recycled Tissot 1853 watch into little Harley motorcycle!

Recycled Watch Art

By Neokentin

Thumbnails made ​​with watch parts, recovered from the jewelers.

Electrolead Corchea

By Neokentin

We would like to introduce you to “Electroleadcorchea” made ​​from scrap materials found in an old garage, a painted wooden table, a light motorcycle, a corkscrew … :) the author […]

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