Penguin Made From Old Electronic Devices

By Animaux

This penguin is one of my first works. A quick composed, roughly glued penguin made from old electronic devices. For this project, I mainly used Philips shaving kits. I made […]

Diy: Halloween Book Pumpkin

By Neokentin

Today’s tutorial is dedicated to all of you who don’t wanna spend 10-15 euros to buy a pumpkin that’ll sadly be littered after the 31st of October. We are going […]

Pallet Wood State of Alabama

By JWaligoraArt

Recycled pallet wood with a painted State of Alabama.

Diy: Christmas Bouquet Out Of Orange Peel

By Neodim

Cute idea for a Christmas decoration!


By Neodim

++ Amron Explt

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