Build A Wood Fired Oven with Uncoventional Materials

By a piece of rainbow

Got mud, sand, agricultural waste straw, coarse saw dust, recycled glass bottles, and some fire bricks? Drooling over wood-fired oven pizzas? Building a wood fired earth oven is easier than […]

Oven Mp3 Table, Winner of Our April Contest!

By Neokentin

Congratulation to Pablo and Xan Valls for this creative idea of reusing an old oven transformed into a sound table! They win the 100$ Amazon gift certificate offered by our partner […]

Oven Front Candle Holder

By Neokentin

I’m an upcycler that enjoys making simple easy projects that anyone can do. I had an older cooker and saw that the front would make a great candle holder and […]

Kitchen Oven Upcycled Into Modular Lounge Furniture

By Neodim

Made out of the kitchen oven, the lounge is one of the unique piece of furniture you have always thought of. Redefining the principle of reusability, the lounge is not […]

Mac Oven

By Neodim

Computers reach high temperature while working… Why do not use it to heat the meal you bring from home ? Is it really a good idea ? ++ 01 Mathery

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