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Wizard of Oz: Sculptures from Recycled Cell Phones

By paladinworkshop

I made these sculptures named “Wizard of Oz” out from recycled electronic parts from a computer and recycled cell phones. I have made many other characters and professions.

Upcycled Vinyl 7'' Into Single Phone Stands

By FancyTat

Unique, handmade and quirky vinyl phone stand. Own a piece of fun upcycled functional art for your desk. A creative, eco-friendly, hands-free way to display and use your mobile phone! […]

Lamp From An Old Phone Ring With Edison Bulb

By Antoni

Eco lamp made ​​from parts found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely and has an unconventional look. All Upcycled parts.

Lamp From An Old Phone

By Antoni

Lamp made from an old upcycled & customized phone.

Phone Lamp

By Neokentin

Eco lamp made ​​from phone parts found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely and has an unconventional look. All Upcycled parts.

Upcycled Phone Into Lamp

By Neokentin

This lamp is made from an upcycled old phone found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely with its big bulb and has an unconventional look. It should be a […]

Groovy Green Clutch

By Neokentin

I dismantled an old phone, popped an illustration from a vintage kid’s book into the screen then power-glued it all onto this awesome, shiny, green clutch I found at a […]

Phone Wire Necklace

By Neokentin

Rused phone wire into necklace.

Phone Holder

By Neokentin

Phone holder from things I found out in the beach under the Olympos mountain in Greece.

Old School Phone Banquette

By Neokentin

We loved this phone banquette as soon as we saw it ! But a face-lift was imperative;-) Repainted in matt black, a tissue printed with old newspaper articles and Hup! […]

Words Create Worlds

By Neokentin

I made this piece of pop art to demonstrate that audio alone has the ability to create powerful and vivid images in the mind of the listener. You can close […]

Phone Book Inspiration

By Neokentin

A page from an old phone book is stamped with a message, matted and framed to create personalized word art!

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