Rag Rug Cushion

By Ronja Lotte

Sew a cushion out of a rag rug. They are great for indoor and outdoor living and you don’t even need a sewing machine. You can get the whole tutorial […]

Upcycled Zafu O Meditation Pillow

By 2nd Funniest Thing

Create your own meditation or yoga pillow recycling some remaining and unused clothes! It’ll take you less than one hour and you won’t have to buy anything. Cause your textile […]

Handmade Pillows from Comforter, Table Cloth & Pants

By Neokentin

Green pillow was handmade from an old table cloth that was stained, so I saved the fabric that wasn’t & stuffed just covered my old pillows for a new life. […]

Upcycled Lavender T-shirt Sachets For The Dryer

By Neokentin

Kick the disposable habit! Little pillows filled with lavender buds can be used in place of fabric dryer sheets or as a sachet in a linen closet. To renew the […]

Ps3 Controller Pillow

By Neodim

PS3 Controller pillow made from old upcycled pillow and buttons, for the PS3 fan inside you :) ++ Here

Alphabet Pillow Custom

By Neodim

These pillows are made from recycled suit-jackets. Some will have buttons, some will have a pocket, all retro awesome tweeds, herringbones and checks… Hilary Cosgrove is selling them on Etsy […]

Ties Pillows

By Neodim

The creative process of transforming vintage scarves and old ties into unique handmade novelty pillows that won’t be found anywhere else!

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