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Old Car Reused Into Pink Planter

By Neodim

This is an original way of reusing an old car, some pink paint and voila, you have a big & original planter! :)

Grapefruit Planter

By Neokentin

Rinds from a grapefruit are transformed into a temporary planter for grape hyacinths. ++ Family Chic

Baby Buggy Into Garden Planter

By Neodim

Nice idea of planter picked on FlickR here.

Dominatrix Shoes into Planters

By Neodim

These shoes are used/upcycled. The concept is about hard-working women, the increasingly artificial nature of American femininity, and the impossible images that women face in our society. It’s a prickly, […]

Orphan Socks

By Neodim

“We all have orphan socks, victims of the Bermuda Triangle otherwise known as the washer/dryer (and why is it that it’s always the cute ones to lose their partner?), but […]


By Neokentin

I wanted to create an artistic but functional project that could inspire others to be aware of the damage we are causing to Earth. My plan was to convert electronic […]

Plant A Bra

By Neodim

What do you think of this idea to use an old bra as a planter? … funny idea :)

Planter Made From An Old Canoe

By Neodim

Such a great idea to reuse an old canoe for this purpose!

Bench / Planter Combo From Old Drums

By Neodim

Another great example of recycled industrial waste is these 55-gallon drums that have been transformed into colorful bench / planter combos. The benches are 4×4 pieces of 1-inch plywood slid […]

From Old Shopping Cart To Gardening Planter

By Neodim

Old shopping cart upcycled into an original planter :)

Used Book Turned Into Flowerpot

By Neodim

Honbachi (lit. Book pot) by TOKYO PISTOL! The greenest afterlife for books. Used book turned flowerpot! Great idea!

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