Upcycled Moka Pot Into Beautiful Lamp

By Beau Birkett

A Lamp that shines a new light on Bialetti’s Moka pot

Small Flower Pots Made From Upcycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Little flower or succulent pots found at Reclaim Design store, a store dedicated to products made from recycled materials. These indoor pots are mainly made from recycled wooden pallets (planks […]

Tetrapak as Plant Pot

By Mhytz

I used these Tetrapak juice boxes as a container for my plants to add some extra colors.

Transform An Old Jumper Into A Concrete Pot

By Neokentin

This plant pot is the simplest project imaginable! Truly over and done with in a half an hour tops (excluding time to cure). Cut a circular piece out of an […]

Vespa Flower Power

By Neokentin

Our neighbour had this old 1955 Vespa stocked on his outside waste spot. We asked him one day if we could have it to turn it into a vintage flower […]

Plastic Bottle Pot for Plants

By Neokentin

Reused plastic soda bottle to use it as a simple pot for your plants or flowers !

Spring on a Budget

By Neokentin

This is what happens when spring comes round on a budget. Made with ribbons, garden wire, fabric scraps, beads and a 50c tiny pot.

Diy: Brilliant Pencils Containers From Upcycled Plastic Bottles

By Neodim

A nice idea to recycle old plastic bottles into pencil containers. All of Newtons colors.

Lights From Household Items

By Al Ha veDa

Roni Doron is an architect/designer who makes light of junk. He uses various household items to make light fixtures, as well as using materials that he finds in nature.

Upcycled Tea Pot Light

By Neodim

An entire collection from “garbage” whose leitmotiv is : your garbages have talent ! ++ garbage

Used Book Turned Into Flowerpot

By Neodim

Honbachi (lit. Book pot) by TOKYO PISTOL! The greenest afterlife for books. Used book turned flowerpot! Great idea!

Pot Kitchen Stool

By Ripe Green Ideas

In a store in NYC, Daily Danny spotted this pot stool. ++ Daily Danny

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