Frauenlob – Object From Tim Nebel

By Tim Nebel

“Frauenlob” (2014 – 15 x 35 x 10 cm) : Made from electric socket, carpet, porcelain-fuse, handle, turntable-pickup arm, light switch cover, metal plate and stud.

Tennis Ball Puppet

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Tennis ball can make great muppet-like head!

Janus Headed Puppet

By Neokentin

As an artist I work primarily to transform found and recycled objects into puppets and small theatre like settings that recall ancient mythology and folktales. The Janus headed puppet takes […]

Plastic Bag Monster

By Neokentin

Turn all your unwanted plastic bags into an environmental project ! Change them into adorable monster puppets or a nice decoration for your home ! Just use a little bit […]

Lady Flower Marionette

By Neokentin

Lady Flower is a small marionette, big 15 cm (5,9 inch) only and another 15 cm (5,9 inch) more with simple controller, which is made from electrical cooper wire, hand […]

Mummenschanz Puppet

By Neokentin

A Mummenschanz inspired puppet is made from an egg carton. ++ More info. at Family Chic website !


By Neokentin

Amazing crocodile creations made by Artist/puppeteer Chris Green from recycled tires and upcycled violin cases.

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