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Waterclear Earrings Made of Plastic Bottle

By cirrhopp

Transparent, lightweight and clear earrings made of upcycled plastic bottle.

Halloween - How to Make Recycled Plastic Earrings

By Craft and Fun

Here are some cute ghosts for the do-it-yourself earrings made ​​with recycled plastic from a bottle. Simple, these ghosts smiling will give you that little extra bit to get into […]

La Luna Creation

By La Luna

Upclycled ceramic earings with upcycled bookpage card.

Recycled Skateboards Accessories

By Neokentin

My name is Steve Duque, from Providence, Rhode Island. All of my art is repurposed from broken skateboards. I upcycle cool skateboards into pens, keychains, backscratchers, earrings, Magnets, necklaces, etc…

Upcycled Calculator Earrings

By Neokentin

Rick, my husband, tried to throw away a calculator. First he took it apart. He always takes things apart and the insides are generally very interesting. This time he left […]

Vinyl Record Earrings

By Neokentin

Single statement earrings hand-cut and hand-finished from vinyl records.

Keyboard Earrings

By Neokentin

Your computer keyboard isn’t working anymore? Don’t throw it away! Why not turning the caps into funny earrings??? Here’s the result…You’ll have a lot of fun matching words together :)

Recycled Earrings

By Neokentin

Three styles of different ear loop! With zipper, with negative film, etc… Tutorials are in French (follow the link below).

Steampunk Style Recycled Brass Bullets

By Neokentin

I belong to a victorian era club that combines vintage clothing with competition shooting with period correct firearms. While most of our shooters reload their own ammunition, after about 3 […]

Recycled Pastig Bag Earrings

By Neokentin

Earrings made from plastic bag.

Recycled Jewelry Made Of Plastic Bottles

By Neokentin

It’s been about two years since I started spending my free time creating jewelry from objects that were destined for the garbage dump. Since then plastic bottles became my favorite […]

Recycled Plastic Bottles into Accessories

By Neokentin

Creation of young artist from Czech Republic.

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