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Iron Fish from Recycled Dishware

By gille monte ruici

Usually we say fish contains lots of omega 3 , these two contain a lot of iron !

Junc Art Robot Thing

By Waldemar Sha

He’s just a little metal postapocalyptic cute guy.

Scrap Into Fly

By Waldemar Sha

There is a lot of different parts in this one. Wings are made of plexiglass pieces fastened together by stapler clips using a soldering iron. You just have to place […]

Junk Art Sparrow

By Waldemar Sha

A sparrow statuette made from scrap parts.

Old Slide Projector Optics into Design Lamp

By Waldemar Sha

Slide projector made from recycled scrap parts.

Upcycled Garden Decorations

By Recycled Salvage Design

All one of a kind creations using recycled salvage in the fabrication and construction of these items. By Raymond Guest at Recycled Salvage Design.

H.r. Giger Tribute Throne

By Surindustrialle

Throne I’ve made of steel. All parts were found in scrapyards. Thes were cut and welded in my workshop. The work was a tribute to H.R. Giger. I was not […]

Woman: Sculpture Made Out Of Scrap Wood

By Patrice Farmer

This sculpture named “Woman” is made out of various pieces of scrap wood and hangs on the wall.

Upcycled Sculptures by Michał Wawrzyniak

By Neodim

Hi, I create original upcycled sculptures.

Scrap Lighting

By Seth Richardson

Reclaimed Douglas Fir siding and scrap steel. The pair mirrors one another in both the steel pattern and lighting pattern. The holes for the light are drilled at angles to […]

Assemblage Sculpture in Memory of Louise Nevelson

By Bill Thomson

I created this wood assemblage sculpture in memory of Louise Nevelson, the American sculptor. The assemblage utilizes scrap wood elements that have been creatively re-assembled and finished with natural stain […]

Cathryn’s Recycled Friends

By cridlen1

Created from recycled metal scraps and clay.

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