Beachy Keen Decorative Driftwood Lamps

By pattysgreenart

This lamp is a cool way to repurpose driftwood, you can paint it or leave it natural

My Island Nightlight

By Bibi

Created with a birch mushroom, branches, sea glass and pebbles from Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer, Québec. The moss is from Mont-Tremblant Québec, and it is actually living. You can spray it every day […]

T-lights Holders Made of Sea Glass

By Neokentin

These candle holders are made with found sea glass and are fixed with transparent silicon.

Beachcombing Art

By Neokentin

I use materials I find on beaches. I have been doing this over 10 years now. I am lucky enough to live in a place with lots of nice beaches, […]

Sea Glass and Metal Recyclart

By Neokentin

Sea glass from Goree and Ngor Island and scrap metal from Dakar construction sites. Les Ateliers Symbyoze design windows, lamps, candleholders, tables, murals… made of recycled materials. We are a […]

Sea Glass Art & Decoration

By Neokentin

I work with sea glass (pieces of glass polished by the ocean that you can find on many beaches). I make lamps, tables, murals, windows, and other stuff. Frames are […]

Sea Glass Chandelier

By Neokentin

After having stared at one too many $12.95 rental apartment excuses for a ceiling light, I decided to create something different. Rooted in the opulence of old-world design, the strict […]

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