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Old Slide Projector Optics into Design Lamp

By Waldemar Sha

Slide projector made from recycled scrap parts.

Handmade Lamp Slide - Unique Model

By Neodim

Unique and original lamp made ​​from old forgotten slides. The visible images represent mainly landscapes. Diameter 20 cm or 25 cm. Height 20 cm or 25 cm. Round or square. […]

Ibic Guitar Slide

By Neokentin

I made these from some old Bic lighters I hand laying around. Using some small double sided Velcro and drilled slots through the side of the lighter. I love low […]

1,152 35mm Film Slides Into Curtain

By Neokentin

These are window treatments like no other. Sustainable Stylish and Multifunctional. Upcycled Custom curtains made from vintage one of a kind 35mm film slides. Every slide is housed with a […]

Slides Floor Lamp

By Neokentin

A good way to reuse old slides!

Upcycled Sopranos Slides Into Pendant Lamp

By Mary Beth Trautwein

Lamp created from discarded promotional “Sopranos” slides by HLW architects. ++ reDiscover Center

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