Upcycled Snowboard Benches

By somSKohn

Natatxa Soms and Sophie Kohn from Basque country are the creators behind a range of quite original contemporary pieces of furniture that are not only sleek but produced with sustainability […]

Repurposed Snowboard Into Bench

By Neodim

Get an old snowboard? Reuse it into an original bench.

Ski Chair & Other Winter Furniture

By Neodim

Original products from green mountain ski furniture. Many other models, like benches, birds house, coat racks… ++ green mountain ski furniture

Skateboard Furniture

By Neodim

The designer Jake Ryder from Seattlemakes a variety of furniture and accessories out of recycled skateboards, they are all unique and hand built ! See more of Jake’s unique creations […]

Snowboard Bench

By Neodim

Different versions can be found on the net : here and there!

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