Upcycled Spoon Art & Jewelry

By Neodim

I found a bunch of spoons waiting to be alive again! I reuse and reinterpret the silver spoon as a form of medium/canvas to become art and jewellery. I want […]

Recycled Flatware Part 2: Fishes

By Neokentin

In the continuity of the recycling of flatware, here is a new animal. With a spoon, it’s absolutely possible to obtain an original necklace in the shape of whale. More […]

Vintage Spoon Bracelets

By Suzi Wilson

These bracelets are made here in Mississippi by a local woman. They are handmade with high-end jewelry clasps and beautiful little charms. Each bracelet is a little different. Bracelets are […]

Death by Spoon

By Neokentin

Table spoons upcycled into skull jewellery.

Recycled Kitchenware Sculptures

By Neokentin

Kitchenware recycled into little sculptures.

Spoonies – Upcycling Jewellery

By Neokentin

Turning old spoons into pendants using little bits and bobs donated by friends of the project.

Recycled Flatware

By Neokentin

Hello, here are my new works realized from forks and spoons. The teeth of forks are sawed or twisted, and for spoons, I simply cut the handle and have it […]

Spoon Coat Hook

By Ohoh blog

Recycle old spoons into coat hook. Easy and cheap!!

Plastic Spoon & Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

By Neokentin

A DIY hummingbird feeder created out of an empty water bottle and some plastic spoons. Tutorial available at Shabby Beach Nest website.

Diy : Plastic Spoon Chandelier

By Neodim

++ Here on Imgur

Recycled Wasp

By Neokentin

This wasp is made of parts of lamps, radio antennas, large and small spoons and fondue skewers.

Recycled Found Objects Wind Chimes

By Neokentin

These photos are of old Russian spoons, bowls, recycled chains and stacking dolls. The second photo is old brass butterflys, spoons, chain….and other found objects…as well has things made by […]

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