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How To: Stamping Silver

By Ronja Lotte

Learn how to stamp old silverware or handmade jewelry in just a few steps: Tutorial available on my blog. Ps.: “Stadtkind” is a German term for a person who is […]

Simple Upcycled Foam Stamp & Stamp Pad Tutorial

By Upcycled Design Lab

Easy stamp & stamp pad made from common house hold items and waste materials.

Riy: Cork Stamps

By Neokentin

A very simple DIY idea after you finished your bottle of wine…make stamps with the leftover cork !

Stamp With Plastic Container

By Ohoh blog

Recycle plastic container used for food packaging making fun geometric stamps!

Stamps Worldmap

By Neodim

After finding a collection of world stamps on Ebay for a fiver, Marc Alcock created a map of the world where each country is represented by its own native stamp.

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