Recycled Plastic Restaurant Art Makes Waiting Fun!

By five.factorial

Things you can do from tabletop supplies at a restaurant while waiting for food! :)

From Joanne To Inspire Children To Recycle

By Neokentin

The only thing Joanne used to make this is a chocolate box, popsicle sticks and scraps.

What to Do with Ice Cream Sticks ?

By Neokentin

A wonderful and curious way of using something you licked as a decoration of a most sensitive area of the body : strange and funny transformation of ice cream sticks […]

Stick Christmas Tree

By Neodim

Creative and easy idea for a cheap-one of a kind christmas tree ! ++ Lalole Blog

Painted Wooden Sticks

By Neodim

Painted wooden sticks by Ginette Lapalme.

Lamp Made Of Wood Sticks

By Neokentin

Beautiful chandelier made out of wooden sticks by Karin Granstrand.

Upcycled Hockey Stick Into Table

By Neokentin

A table made from hockey stick, I don’t know if it’s reused hockey stick but it’s easy to do it with old ones! Nice idea! ++ Found via Will Wertheim Flickr […]

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