Turn Your Old T-shirts Into A Quilt T-shirt

By Neodim

This idea comes from Project Repat but you could also DIY at home! Nice idea to keep old t-shirts and make your own one-of-a-kind quilt or blanket!

Upcycled Basket Weave – T-shirt Party Dress

By Neokentin

Dress made from woven strips of upcycled T-shirt fabric.

Abstract Dog Portrait from Upcycled T-shirts

By Neokentin

These two portraits are made from pictures of my dogs. The photos are converted to 3 to 4 colors and then carefully cut from old t-shirt fabric and assembled.

Old T-shirt Turned into Art

By trashycrafter

I am a HUGE fan of Chad Eaton’s artwork and T-shirts Called Timber, which are based on lumberjacks, business men and big foot. He is such an amazing artist, I […]

Fabric Necklace with Fringe

By Neokentin

Plaited necklace made from recycled T-shirt !

Custom Peg Bag

By Neokentin

Ever had a t-shirt that is too tatty to where any longer? Sew up the sleeves and across the middle, find a coat hanger to insert…that’s it, you have a […]

Refashioning An Old T-shirt With Ruffles

By Agy

I had already refashioned this t-shirt once by adding rope and jewels, but the glue was running so I had to do another refashion. This time, I added blue ruffles […]

T-shirts Recycling

By Neokentin

That to make our old T-shirts ? rags ??? yes… why not a carpet ? Cut into long strips of old t-shirts, make balls, knitting or crochet … This is […]

Ball Made of Old T-shirt

By Neokentin

This ball has been sewn from an old T-shirt.

Restitch : Upcycled Yarn

By Neokentin

Reduce, reuse, ReStitch! ReStitch Yarn is handmade from thrifted T-shirts.

Diy : Headband with Old T-shirts

By Neokentin

I am a french jewelry creator. I’ve just made a handmade ecofriendly tutorial for creating a fashion headband with old t-shirts.

Driftwood Landscapes

By Neokentin

You don’t have to be a brillient artist. Just do a quick scenic background over an old canvas that you’ve gone off. Then, use a glue gun to add treasures […]

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