Textile Decorative Letters

By kivit

Decorative letters for the child’s room made from recycled dresses can be hung or become beautiful cushions for children’s bed.

Slip Covers For Electronic Gadgets

By Neokentin

My latest project was conceived by my purchase from my local recycle centre of textile sample books. The textures, shapes, sizes & patterns immediately informed me (as always ) what to create .

Hybrid Flower Sculpture

By ennovy

Mixed textile sculpture, made from various recovered materials (cardboard, dyeing and clamp iron acetate, textile fiber). Sculpture textile mixte, matériaux de récupérations (carton, teinture et acétate de fer pince, fibre textile).

Upcycled Zafu O Meditation Pillow

By 2nd Funniest Thing

Create your own meditation or yoga pillow recycling some remaining and unused clothes! It’ll take you less than one hour and you won’t have to buy anything. Cause your textile […]

Recycled Video Tape Bowls

By Neokentin

I’ve started making make bowls from old VHS tapes and looking for feed back from your recycling fans. Some are crocheted and others are coiled and machine sewn to add […]

Recycled Clothes Quilt Inspired by a Parking Garage

By Neokentin

This mod parking garage design just HAD to made into a quilt. I used thrift shop clothes to translate the concrete structure into a textile piece.

Textile Art

By Neokentin

These are my handwork made from recycled textile pieces of fabric furniture. At first, I started with really simple forms (more of them abstract), but then I found I can […]


By Neokentin

Different shawls made of transparent textile and felt.

Broken Odd’s and Ends Make Beautiful Jewelry

By Neokentin

I’ve been creating brooches from reused jewelry for a few years, but have only recently decided to pursue it head on. So much up-cycled jewelry has the “recycled junk, eclectic” […]

Upcycled Pants Bowl

By Neokentin

We normally knit and crochet using a thread of yarn but what if we add some reducing to our creativity? Sounds strange? We can then make our thread without any […]

The Found Object In Textile Art

By Neokentin

Taps into one of the most popular textile trends today: the use of the found object. The author is one of the UK’s leading textile artists. Contains a wealth of […]

City Textile Installation

By Neokentin

City installations and textile design made with recycled clothes and different objects by Textilkontak !

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