Upcycled Custom Bike Chain Cufflinks

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled chains have been handcrafted into original cufflinks for the bike enthusiast who is out on the town. Feel good about helping the environment while decorating your attire. These […]


By VendeDora de Sombras

Vinyl is the best material ever :) I try to make everything is possible out of them and I thanks all the DJs giving me their old LP records !

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Jeans

By GreenDevil

What to do with old ties? Check out this messenger style bag made from jeans and neckties with necktie strap and closure.

Green Devil: Bag Made from Neckties and Suit Jacket

By GreenDevil

Beautiful bag made from tweed jacket and colorful old ties. The strap is made from the legs of a pair of jeans.

Nice, France (Nce) Airport “welcome Area”

By Neokentin

On a business trip last fall, I wandered through the welcome area of the Nice France (NCE) airport to find floor coverings made of the back pockets and labels of […]

Diy: How to Make a Bow Tie

By Neokentin

This is a DIY video I put together on making your bow tie. I used fabric from pillow cases and leftover scraps to upcycle the design. You can also use […]

Modern Neck Tie Art

By trashycrafter

Neck ties have been turned into a number of things, from skirts to lamp shades! It’s such a colorful and versatile item to work with. I took some old ties […]

Upcycled Cuff

By Neokentin

I saw somewhere that people have been using men’s ties to make jewelry and dresses. This cuff is a mens tie with vintage buttons and a hair tie to hold […]

Cans Caps Tie

By Neokentin

Tie made with upcycled cans caps!

Don’t Label Me Cuff

By Neokentin

As a society we are voracious consumers, often spending more than we actually have. Advertising agencies tap into our insecurities and sell us vacuous dreams. We are bombarded with banal, […]

Yama Wear the Music!

By Neokentin

YAMAtm : the original idea The first YAMAtm were sewn during a craft market at the Bilancino lake near Florence (Italy) using two 10” vinyl records and some leather. Slowly […]

From Old to Bold

By Neokentin

Another lazy Sunday afternoon project. My Myriah Carey jeans cause great hilarity amongst my family as I had cut off the waist band because they were Harry Highpants. I wear […]

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