Charlie The Fly: Made From Discarded Materials

By Neokentin

I used a shower head, umbrella ribs, screws, bass guitar strings, a piece of fabric and tea strainer to make my fly. My husband helped me to put the materials […]

Red Traveller Return Bag: Umbrellas Recycled Into Bags

By Second Life Recycling

For a while I am now recycling dead umbrellas I find in the street to shopping totes and backpacks. Now I have invented a new design: the “Return bag“. You […]

Artisan Lamp Birdye Made From Upcycled Umbrella Slats

By Neokentin

I built this lamp that I called “Birdye” using old slats of a wooden umbrella and a sea stone as the base. The lamp is articulated and can take different […]

Umbrella Table Lamp

By BorkaNYC

This simple table lamp was made from 4 umbrella ribs/stretchers and a small halogen light was added.

Umbrella Holder From One Recycled Tire

By Neokentin

A simple & clever idea with this tire recycled into an umbrella holder…simple, useful and look nice!

Pavilion Constructed out of Broken Umbrellas and Bicycle Wheels

By Neokentin

This architectural canopy is built out of recycled materials by Architects Izaskun Chinchilla as part of the Figment NYC outdoor festival. Named “Organic Growth“, this pavilion is a large structure constructed from discarded […]

Desk Lamp Industrial Recycling Made From Upcycled Umbrella Slats

By 100rings

I built this lamp that I called “Industrial Recycling” using old slats of a wooden umbrella, a tin can as shade, and an old brick as the base, the lamp […]

Umbrella Upcycled to Blinky Bike Bag

By Agy

I took a broken umbrella’s fabric and upcycled it into a water proof bike bag complete with safety features using electronics.

Umbrella Upcycled into Travel Bag

By Neokentin

Bag made of old umbrellas, with a vintage design. Good to go to the gym or for a trip.

Diy: Make a Bag from a Broken Umbrella

By Neokentin

How many times have you take an umbrela trash out? Now you will regret it. When ever you have a broken umbrella you can make a perfect bag for the […]

Upcycled Umbrella’s Into Coat Rack

By Neokentin

I made this coat rack from hooks of broken umbrella’s found in by the garbage.

Diy: Umbrella to Backpack Cover

By Agy

Converted the material of an old umbrella into a backpack cover perfect for rainy days.

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