Upcycled Chromed Copper Artisan Earrings

By Neokentin

From under sink to under ear… who knew these little pieces of pipe could grow up to be artisan earrings! When heated just right, chrome will turn the loveliest shades of blue. A perfect complement for copper in these handcrafted mixed metal earrings.

Unique Sci-fi Robot Junk Sculptures Will Keep You Guessing!

By Neokentin

A few years ago I wanted to start making more art and also wanting to reuse, recycle, repurpose more. So after some experimentation, I combined my love for all things […]

Upcycled Provocative Blended Doll Art

By Neokentin

When I walk into my workshop, I’m immediately inspired. The different materials I’ve collected take on new shapes, and the adventure begins. Whole and half dolls become Upcycled Blended Doll […]

Cardboard Table

By Neokentin

Handmade cardboard coffee table from recycled materials.

Threadericks Upcycled Bags

By Neokentin

Threaderick produce a range of upcycled and sustainable bags and accessories using a variety of textile art and hand crafted techniques. Each piece is uniquely sourced and handmade to the […]

Fantome 100 % Made in France Collection From Bicycle Inner Tubes


We are very happy to present you our 100 % made in France brand: FANTOME. Every product is realized in our workshop in region of Bordeaux, and the bicycle inner […]

Solar Star

By Neokentin

A solar powered glass sculpture…beautiful by day, stunning by night! Made of repurposed glass vases, dishes etc.

Jeans Pants To Jeans Dress

By Neokentin

A jeans dress sewn of old jeans pants. It’s unique.

Jeans Waistband Bag

By Neokentin

This bag is sewn of jeans waistbands, and it’s unique.

Krejci Bags : You See It Black, but It’s Green !

By Neokentin

As you can see, our products are made out of recycled bicycle inner tubes! Let it surprise you: repair patches and various signs unveil here and there fragments of history […]

Amazing Recycled Metal Arts

By Neokentin

We make the fantastic recycled metal art & design from scrap & recycled parts of motorcycle, auto parts, machine… We create our works in many size, small to large and […]

Vintage Vinyl Journals

By Neokentin

Vintage Vinyl Journals are eco-friendly handcrafted writing journals made from upcycled albums. Vintage Vinyl Journals has rescued the forgotten vinyl record and lovingly crafted a one-of-a-kind blank writing notebook for […]

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