Cereal Box Woven Basket

By Cucicucicoo

Don’t throw away your empty cereal boxes—you can reuse them to make these upcycled woven baskets! This fun repurposing tutorial will help you keep your home organized without paying a cent!

Tutorial: Belt Weaving Using Nylon Cord

By Neodim

Here is an idea I had never seen to weave a belt. Here’s a different kind of Tutorial: Belt Weaving! Use nylon paracord and be zombie-apocalypse ready, too!

Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show

By Neokentin

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, I’ve been encouraging people, especially kids, to reuse and recycle materials to create art and crafts. Seven years ago, our county’s recycling educator […]

Working at Play

By Neokentin

Woven of golf clubs and silk neckties, ornaments from same golfbag include markers, tees, pencils.

Newspaper to Textile

By Al Ha veDa

Dutch designer, Greetje van Tiem, spins newspaper yarn to knit and weave. Here’s a YouTube Video by Vickie Howell to demonstrate the technique. You can spin newspaper, too, like this.

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