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About Me
I warmly welcome.
My name is artur.
I will tell a little about myself, what we do, and what we would like to do.
The history of this and what we are doing at the moment is not too long.
For 11 years, they have been running a business type of general construction services.
About 2 years ago, my health deteriorated, to the extent that I had to give up what I was doing. There was one exit, a change of lifestyle.
The initial plan was to include the restoration of antique cars. There is room for it. Two cars were bought for renovation. And it stopped at this because, searching for inspiration on the Internet, I came across a wonderful page which is PINTEREST.
It was there for the first time I saw something that swallowed me from the first sight. And it was metalwork. I could do the welding. I owe this to the holy memory of the LORD'S PIERUCHCZAKOWI who took me and my countryman CHUDEGO with whom he still works under his wings and taught how to weld. Under the supervision of the Master and of course with his help we made our first welding machine, which we have to this day. Lat then I had a max of 14. A BEAUTIFUL stage of life, a priceless moment.
Returning to the subject, the first gas fire from which the MINIONKA-shaped stove was supposed to leave. Well, he came out nice enough for my eye that I decided to put everything on one card. As my former compatriot would say, THE GAME IS GAME.
And it began. The beginnings were terribly difficult. The workers left, people for whom I would jump into the fire. There were a handful of buddies who saw the potential and how they could help.
By the way, I would like to warmly thank CHUDEM, GRUBEMU, COMPANY FASADA PAN KAROLOWI, FIRM SPOLDACH (RYSIU, MUSZKIN, GANDALF, MASU), BRONKÓW, GARBATEM, KAMA, FLAT for the fact that they stayed until the end, despite the fact that the ship began to take water.NO FIRST RECYCLING OF FEBRUARY FOR GOOD COOPERATION.
The rest in the circle of laughter and chichy.
For all the savings and money we have borrowed, we have modernized the base from the collapsing barn into a workshop as for our needs. We do not desire luxuries.
The production stage has started. Days and nights. Me from the morning, guys after work. They were happy to stay, although the hard day at the construction site was too much for me. We worked until late evening hours and sometimes even in the morning, as much as there were enough strength. LIVING LIFE LACK, today. And this is how the land of the MINIONS came into being, for me it is a world where I could spend the rest of my life, the world of history, fighting good and evil, a world in which reality loses meaning, a world where one can move to childhood and feel these unforgettable moments.

At the moment there are about 70 figurines left. 90% of them are lamps, characters from movies about minions. One interesting installation "Family". It is a dryer for mushrooms and herbs, a smokehouse, a grill, an oven that will power the rest. A few grills, dozens of lamps with fire extinguishers and many other works.
In total, all works are about 200 pieces.
Everything is handmade.

The production stage is as follows;
- the first stage consists of a touring round of scrap yards and other dumps in order to obtain the best recyclable materials to create UNUSUAL DETECTION.
-2 stage is the removal of all impurities and old paint coatings by sanding.
-3 stage is cutting, welding and striking sparks.
-4 stage is cosmetics, priming, painting, electrical connection.
It looks more or less like that.
It was a bit about what we do, now I will say what is going on and what is the plan.
The action plan is quite ambitious, namely to establish a gines record in the department - THE LARGEST SCULPTURE OF SECONDARY MATERIALS.
As of today, we have very little facilities for cash, but a little later. In total, this is a handful of us, one welder or me, a few mega good helpers without whom such or other ventures would not have the right to exist. , the closest ones stayed, the rest as I mentioned the rats. The worst thing in all of this is the lack of acceptance of people on whom we really care - family and girl. you have to live with it in one way or another because there is no way out.
The most important MAMES, i.e. willingness and determination.
They are willing, determination is, we also have a place, and we are a little bit.
Chudy, Bronek, THICK, Mr. Karol, Rysiu with Muszkin and the rest of the team, kamo, Dawid and Damian will also help.
The material even began to collect. Rust is insignificant when it comes to offering something for such a noble purpose.
THE BEAUTY HAS BEEN MORE THAN 30 METERS CHIMNEY. We could not obtain a donation for which we VERY expected. Such a life. It did not discourage us from further work.
Bilan looks as follows;
- Mom's idea
- we have a place
- mothers willing to help
- we have a determined determination
- we have some materials
learned profession is journeyman, electrician, master carpenter, master of thermal insulation. Professions not learned is one year as a locksmith. In addition, I can weld, mechanics of various types, a lot of this.
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