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About Me
Transfodesign is a creative organization that follows two main principles in its operation:

- create design through transformation (residues, obsolete objects, natural elements, construction debris) and;
- transform through design (people, work spaces, lifestyles, conscience, policies, societies, urban settlements).

Everyone at Transfodesign is guided by the belief that everything can be given a second life by transformation. To us, design is a problem solving tool. Every person is a designer, every product and problem can be either defined or solved by design approach. Employing the already established Cradle to Cradle and the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) concepts, Transfodesign gives life to used goods to bring value designer items to the market. Our goal is to explore these methods and extend further their application. Therefore, we seek for the application of upcycling and creative reuse in architecture, landscape design, urban interventions, industrial design, production etc.
Upcycling, creative reuse, architecture, design, woodworking, metalworking, maker
Greek, English, Spanish, French, Macedonian, Serbian
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