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Toys From Trash

By Neokentin

The slogan of Toys from Trash is “The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it !“, a website with dozens of toys ideas (simple to […]

Daily Danny’s Tape Box

By Ripe Green Ideas

Have a lot of old unused cassette tapes? You could made a cassette tape storage box with them!

Cassette Tape Clutch

By Neokentin

An original way of reusing old cassette tape into an astonish clutch! ++ Idea and DIY instructions at My Recycled Bags, more cassette idea here.

Pin Board Made With Upcycled Corks

By Ripe Green Ideas

A pin board made out of old recycled corks…Cheers! Never thrown away your old corks :) ++ Ripe Green Ideas

Recycled Clothing by Creations Encore

By Clementine la mandarine

The website says : “Encore Creations, is a young brand of recycled clothing imagined by designer Patricia Jodoin. The mission of our brand is to meet the needs of people […]

Notepad with Playing Card

By Ripe Green Ideas

Don’t know what to do with an incomplete deck of cards? Make your own notepads with original card covers. ++ Crafty Pod

6 Ways to Reuse Buttons

By Ripe Green Ideas

Apartment Therapy suggested 6 ways to reuse buttons…amongst which sticking them on magnets…simple and smart. ++ Here for the 6 ways

Re-used Buttons Jewelry

By Ripe Green Ideas

Adajito is a great Montreal jewerly designer…and her talent lies in the art of reusing buttons. ++ Adajito by Katia Gitkow

Foosball Coat Rack

By Ripe Green Ideas

In the coat rack series, here is a coat rack made from old foosball ! ++ Via here

Babydoll Coat Rack

By Ripe Green Ideas

An eerie way to re-use dolls…all the instructions are on Design Sponge. ++ Via Design*Sponge

Recycled Magazine Frames

By Ripe Green Ideas

A new way to put your old magazines to good use? Take the pages and rolt them to create creative colorful frames. Instructions provided. ++ Rolled Magazine Project

Plastic Garbage Bag

By Neodim

The link pretty much says it all. Made of recycled black plastic garbage bags collected by mothers in Phnom Penh struggling to earn a living, and then woven into a […]

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