by David Giammetta

Tractor Seat Into Design Bar Stool

Last month I helped my neighbour to clean out his garage. His parents originate from Dapto, so his shed had all kinds of interesting stuff, among the items he was throwing in the skip bin, was this pre-loved tractor seat.With a little vision, I decided that I could revive the rusty seat and let it retire to a greener pasture inside my house.

I went in search of a base for the chair; council clean ups are a treasure trove for items like this. Amongst all the broken appliances, old tins and bags of damp clothes are some real treasures.

Clean ups are beneficial for all involved as people get rid of unwanted belongings; others find treasures in that junk and the council avoid rubbish being thrown out onto the kerbs randomly throughout the year.

Everyone’s idea of treasure differs depending on their needs; some people look for bikes, some for scrap metal, computer parts, or toys. I struck gold when I found this neglected bar stool.

I rubbed the seat down with coarse sandpaper, applied some rust converter, and added four coats of fire engine red paint. The base needed some adjustment to the bolt holes, which was easily fixed with the drill.

Tractor Seat Into Design Bar Stool 1 • Accessories
Tractor Seat Into Design Bar Stool 2 • Accessories


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Connie @ Daydream In Color
Connie @ Daydream In Color

This looks great! I love the red.

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