Maybe old dresses are the things we have the most at home, you know what I mean, this lovely dress that was fashion several years ago but now not anymore. Discover ideas & projects you can easily do (more or less) at home with your old fabric: reuse & upcycle them instead of throwing them away!

Sock Cupcakes

By Neodim

Not really recycled, but easy to do at home. So cute ! ++ Here

Diy: Denim Whale

By Neodim

Just a great design for this denim whale. Tutorial here (Finnish but can be found in English on the website).

Business Card Into Original Pant

By Neokentin

I made my “Agency pants” soon after quitting my job at an Internet services firm. I spent 2 1/2 years there and watched it grow way too fast through the […]

Miss Aaralyn's Christmas Stocking

By Neokentin

A beautiful Christmas stocking made from upcycled t-shirts and fabrics, broken jewelry, and vintage buttons.

Crochet Doily Bowls

By Neokentin

Who would have thought there could be so many uses for the humble doily? These bowls, using vintage crochet doilies, are made with an age old technique. I was inspired […]

Recycled Fashion

By Neokentin

This is my latest creation to show what you can make to wear with recycled materials. They are made of paper, pop tabs, curtains, old worn leather jackets and cardboard […]

Upcycled Pants Bowl

By Neokentin

We normally knit and crochet using a thread of yarn but what if we add some reducing to our creativity? Sounds strange? We can then make our thread without any […]

Recycled Dreamcatchers

By Neokentin

All of the materials used for these dream catchers are second hand and upcycled. I found a bunch of wooden embroidery hoops in my local op shop and used ribbon, […]

Upcycled Lavender T-shirt Sachets For The Dryer

By Neokentin

Kick the disposable habit! Little pillows filled with lavender buds can be used in place of fabric dryer sheets or as a sachet in a linen closet. To renew the […]

Leather Menagerie For Louis Vuitton

By Neodim

Louis Vuitton asked British Artist Billie Achilleos to work on four animals made of Louis Vuitton leather goods. Billie masterfully transformed wallets, bags and belts into a menagerie of animals, […]

The Found Object In Textile Art

By Neokentin

Taps into one of the most popular textile trends today: the use of the found object. The author is one of the UK’s leading textile artists. Contains a wealth of […]

Blazon Ironing Boards

By Neodim

Made by Wim Delvoye ++Via DudeCraft


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