Maybe old dresses are the things we have the most at home, you know what I mean, this lovely dress that was fashion several years ago but now not anymore. Discover ideas & projects you can easily do (more or less) at home with your old fabric: reuse & upcycle them instead of throwing them away!

Old Jeans To Backpacks

By Neokentin

I love collage, used demin and backpacks… these 3 factors combine together to make artful, individually-designed jeans backpacks, my studio is located in Quezon City, Philippines and i produce a […]

Felted Wool Acorns

By Neodim

Inspired by nature, can you just imagine the sweetness of these darling little wool needle felted acorns on your nature table? Given as a gift to a very special teacher? […]

Bags from Recycled Jackets

By Neodim

++ Here

Umbrella Skirt

By Neokentin

Skirt made of old umbrellas !

Diy : Necklaces from Ties

By Neodim

Next time you’re asking yourself what do to with old ties, make an original necklace!

Skipping-rope with Leftover Yarn

By Neokentin

Made with leftover yarn! Use anything: too hard, too thin, not long enough to do something serious with… and crochet with 5 threads together. Easy!

Sail Fabric Chair

By Neodim

Lounger & Easy chair comprised of a circular section structure made of aluminium or wood, and sail fabric that is wrapped around the structure. Its design, with its simple undulating […]


By Neokentin

A nice cup of tea and a sit down…

Necklace Made from Plastic Bottles

By Neokentin

Necklace made from plastic bottle tops and caps and fabric.

Prom Dress

By Neokentin

This dress was made from an old tablecloth, chicken wire, gift wrap, two stained t-shirts and a placemat. My discovery is how beautiful you can make a dress look with […]


By Neodim

I was obsessed by these 70’s seat my grandmother had in her attic. I knew that when i would get my own house , i would re-new them. Here is […]


By Neokentin

Handbag made of book cover and fabric decorated with tea bags.


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