Maybe old dresses are the things we have the most at home, you know what I mean, this lovely dress that was fashion several years ago but now not anymore. Discover ideas & projects you can easily do (more or less) at home with your old fabric: reuse & upcycle them instead of throwing them away!

Halloween Monster Made From An Old Sweater & A Repurposed Tin Can

By Loisirette

A friend gave me an old sweater she wanted to get rid saying “see what you can do with it!“. It’s almost Halloween, and I had the idea of making […]

Upcycled Work Shirt Refashion With House Paint

By Upcycled Design Lab

Men’s shirt refashion with “house paint fabric dye“.

Upcycling an Old T-shirt Into a Modern Top


In this quick and easy DIY video tutorial you will learn how to upcycle a boring t-shirt into a modern crop top or minidress. I was inspired by a pinterest […]

Getting Creative with Curtains: Fun Upcycles for Your Windows

By Brooke Chaplan

I wanted to share an article about some adorable window treatment ideas that can be made with your own two hands!

How to Refashion Trousers into a Top

By Agy

Learn how to take two pairs of trousers and transform into a beautiful summer top! I made this in one afternoon and wore it at a wedding. Level: intermediate

Vintage Dress from Bread Clips

By Neokentin

My daughter made this dress using mutton cloth and bread clips that she glued on one by one with a glue gun. For the back and neck she used a […]

Men’s Jeans to Wide Brim Hat with Faux Oil Cloth Finish

By Upcycled Design Lab

How to make a ladies wide brim sun hat from an old pair of jeans. How to add a water proof faux oil cloth finish.

Old & Unused Dress To Bag

By Ronja Lotte

After I had shown recently on my blog how to sew a drawstring bag from a mini skirt, I was asked by a friend if I can do the same […]

Skirt To Bag

By Ronja Lotte

I can’t stop making bags! They are just so easy to sew and pretty! Recently I discovered that one can make a drawstring bag out of a mini skirt and […]

Ribbon Quilts

By Neokentin

I take all those award ribbons people have won that are sitting in a box or drawer and create a wall quilt or other things like pillows, tote bags, teddy […]

Night Gown Made From Cotton Baby Blanket

By Neokentin

Making a clearance at my baby wardrobe, I found this cute cotton baby blanket. So in order to give it away, I found a way to transform it to a […]

Fabric Diversion: Bags Made Out Of Recycled Clothing

By Canette Bobine

I produce my bags from clothing collected in recycling centers: jeans, leather jacket, fur coat, blazer… I maximise the use of these clothes by using as much as I can […]

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