Maybe old dresses are the things we have the most at home, you know what I mean, this lovely dress that was fashion several years ago but now not anymore. Discover ideas & projects you can easily do (more or less) at home with your old fabric: reuse & upcycle them instead of throwing them away!

Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags

By Poubelle

A friend gave me several pairs of used Levi Strauss Jeans. I had fun upcycling Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags! I recycled them by doing sewing work: 1 bag for […]

Fare Delle Borse Con Un Pantalone Di Jeans / Bags Out Of Upcycled Old Jeans Pants

By Neokentin

To do bags from old jeans, you just need a sewing machine and some imagination to create all kinds of bags from your ancient and unused jeans.You can decide the […]

Ice Dyed Refashioned Babydoll Top

By hector99

Lovely lavender, magenta, and blue hues sport this ice dyed refashioned women’s top!

Recycled Clothing Lamb

By TouchedbyLavender

Recycled clothing pose able Animals by Seattle artist TouchedbyLavender. Original, Realistic and Fantasy handmade designs.

On Air Women Handbag from Repurposed Light Box

By UpcyclingBymilo

This cross body bag is using a real upcycled light box.

Ema Creations

By Emaltea

Create the image of recycling is not a business idea, but rather an image of the product that we have already used and not released into the environment.

Diy From Dress To Unique Bag

By Fancymomma

I have an easy dress upcycle for you. Turn your dress into a bag with simple hand sewing.

Simple Upcycle Of Garment

By Agy

Take a piece of clothing and upcycle it through changing its color. Make it a piece of art!

Fantasy Wolf Pup Made From Recycled Clothing

By TouchedbyLavender

“Red” the Fantasy Wolf Pup was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Red has a handmade wire poseable skeleton. The hands and face are made with Polymer clay. All of […]

Old Leather Jacket Into Cushion

By Neokentin

Old leather jacket recycled into a cushion.

Handmade Animal From Recycled Clothing

By TouchedbyLavender

Handmade animal from recycled clothing, Artist TouchedbyLavender from Seattle, WA. Thank you for helping others discover my art!

Recycled Knitwear

By Neokentin

As I am a designer, I always collect all the waste material we knit ( running stitches, torn yarn, etc. ). I hate throwing them out, so I just decided […]

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