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Bikestand Made of Recycled Tires

By Neodim

Old tires reused into bike stand! Ingenious!

Skateboard Jewels by 2revert

By Neodim

Beautiful jewels out of recycled skateboard decks made by 2Revert in Canada. They take old skateboards to make necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

The Glasses Chandelier

By Neodim

Take all pairs of glasses you can find in the second-hand stores, and with a lot of imagination and work, you can maybe do as Stuart Haygarth who is creating […]

Cork Chair(S)

By Neodim

You have to be very patient to collect all the corks in order to be able to make new pieces of furniture. You can find many pieces made with upcycled […]

Caps Board by Rick Ladd

By Neodim

Rick Ladd upcycles bottle caps into some pretty amazing things, including furniture!

Recycled Tape Furniture

By Neodim

Great idea to recycle all your old tapes for a unique furniture.

Old Joystick Into Coat Rack

By Neodim

What to do with an old collector joystick sleeping in your toys cardboards? Make a one-of-a-kind coat rack ;)

Customized Cupboard Door Into Tray

By Neodim

How to customize an old cupboard door into a tray for multipurpose?

Lego Jewels

By Neodim

The Lego’s are coming back with another function with Julie, a french girl whose passion it to take old toys and make new jewels with it.

Skateboard Shoes by Kriss Lovett

By Neodim

Kris Lovett is taking old skateboards to recycle them into adorable shoes for colored ladies!

Recycling Cans at Home

By Neodim

What to do with old fair trade coffee cans or other canned anything? Brilliant ideas here!

What to Do with an Old Bath ?

By Neodim

The idea comes from Reddish design studio which recycles old baths in retro seats.

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