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Kitty House

By Neodim

Really funny cat house made of an old computer screen ! ++Alpine on Etsy

Newspaper House

By Neodim

Over 150 000 newspapers were used to build this house. Sumer Erek collected newspapers for the last 5 years in order to build it.

Keyboard Bag

By Neodim

Here are the keyboard bags made by Joao Sabino. I still wonder where he finds so many colored keys… ++ Joao Sabino

Petit Gervais Lamp

By Neodim

++ via Craftster

Stanker Design

By Neodim

Many different pieces made by François Royer , inspired by every stanker to make a new object with it. ++stanker design

Momaboma Bags

By Neodim

New 2009 collection of bags and accessories for Momaboma. Beautiful measuring tape handbags (one of their classics), as well as many new pieces made of old newspapers, comics… ++ New […]

Tea Lights

By Neodim

Lights made of tea cups ! Very interesting result. Made by Domestic Construction.

Retro Card Holder

By Neodim

Available here for 30$

Books Table

By Neodim

An original table made from old books by Richard Hutten.

Light Up: Powerstrip to Candle Holder

By Neodim

Powerstrip can also be used with candles!

Seat & Weight

By Neodim

No comment on this clever idea by Atypyk.

Badass Paddles Made of Tire

By Neodim

If you like to see tire tracks when spanking your partner, then we found you exactly what you need for your next party ;)

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