Recycled Cardboard

Ideas, projects, and inspirations you can do by recycling cardboard, old cardboard boxes, small carton boxes or even corrugated boxes.

Cardboard Christmas Surprise

By wesleyjhastings

Cfx Inc. owners Chris Frank and Megan Frank wanted to surprise their daughters on Christmas with news of a planned trip to Europe. A little bit of cardboard and a lot of creativity led to an amazing surprise on Christmas morning…

Fractal: Bowl From Recycled Egg Carton

By ennovy

Most of my pieces are mainly composed of recycled egg cartons, patina oxide (I do it from vinegar and rust metal), wood branches and driftwood, reclaimed beads and chew paper. […]

Del-irius: Recycled Sculpture

By Neokentin

Sculpture made mainly from recycled materials: recovered egg carton, dyeing and iron acetate, lighting LED RGB strips. Matériaux de récupérations: carton d’œuf, teinture et acétate de fer, éclairage bandes LED RVB.

Mobilier En Carton / Cardboard Furniture

By Sami_Adlen

Recartona is an entrepreneurship project by a group of young students of architecture. Team spirit and transparency are our values; our mission is to recycle tons of cardboard that are […]

Milk & Juice Cartons Into Bird Feeders

By Fancymomma

Ready to feed the birds with seeds from your upcycled milk carton and juice carton bird feeder?

Do-it-yourself Ratchet From Toilet Paper Roll

By Neokentin

Hello, My Friends! Ratchet character made from recycled toilet paper roll.

Diy Recycled Crafts: How To Make DIY Cardboard Organizer

By Ananvita

A fabulous Recycled Craft idea that can very easily be used as a best out of waste craft idea and a fun DIY Project for Art and Craft ideas for that your kids that they can make, as a Do It Yourself Craft. Keep all the things you need handy at all times in this DIY Cardboard Organizer. Plan was making this DIY Cardboard Organizer as an easy craft idea to make your kids happy, during this summer vacation. Take active participation in making this DIY Cardboard Organizer as apart from being in it is an absolute fun family craft and everyone can enjoy making it. Your home decorations will just look amazing with this handmade Cardboard Organizer!

15 Ideas of Cardboard Trains That Your Kids Will Love

By Neokentin

The advantage of cardboard over other materials is that it’s easy to upcycle. Cutting and folding the cardboard material is not hard, you can cut it to pretty any imaginable […]

Recycled Kid’s Craft: DIY Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch

By Ananvita

My little niece, Jenny, never gets enough of stationery supplies. I pamper her with the best of coloring pencils, crayons, felt pens and the works! But at the same time, I hate clutter! I thought instead of buying another storage box for little Jenny’s endless stationery, why not make an easy DIY Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch for her. Peppa Pig, like every other little child, is Jenny’s favorite Cartoon Character! A Cute Little Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch would be such a charming and creative craft to make and also it it would be something that Jenny would love to play with and use it too! It saves money and also gave me a chance to be a part of a creative process of making a cute DIY Recycled Kid’s Craft.

How To Make A Lamp With Cardboard And Paper

By Porcuatrocuartos

Paper and paperboard. These are the main materials you need to make this modern lamp.

Modern Art Lamp Shade With Paper Mache

By Neokentin

Unique lampshade from recycled paper and cardboard.

Cardboard Table

By Neokentin

Handmade cardboard coffee table from recycled materials.

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