Magazine Storage Solution

I love reusing everyday items to solve storage issues. I received a shipment in a white box that was heavy enough to reuse. I cut the four flaps off the top, then cut a “U” shape in the front. I then painted the box white primer to cover the lettering, then decoupaged cocktail napkins (flip flop pattern) inside and out. The size of the box was perfect for magazine storage. It keeps them corralled and is better than trying to stack them (they side). When I decoupaged the napkins, they are three-ply, so I separate them and only use the top patterned ply, then I coat the area with my go-to product, Triple Thick. I cover the area with the napkin, then paint on another layer of Triple thick. I think it turned out great, and the box was substantial enough that I didn’t have to reinforce it. Instead of napkins, you could use wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, paper bags or any type paper that you have.


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