Glass can be easily recycled to make beautiful objects. This category is dedicated to all the glass lovers :) To start, learn how to cut a glass bottle.

Wine Bottle Candle Glasses

By Neokentin

Hello everybody, my name is Karin and I am from Germany. I started my one-woman business with an online shop at “DaWanda”. DaWanda is a virtual marketplace for handmade products […]

Jagermeister Bottle Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made from an old Jagermeister bottle with a matching orange power flex.

Groovy Green Glass

By deanavail

Groovy Green Glass is a glass upcycling company that collects bottles used by restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area. These bottles are saved from a 4,000 year purgatory in the […]

Liquid Lights

By Neokentin

Liquid Light uses a combination of industrial built fixture look with energy efficient led bulbs and art glass to achieve a delicate aesthetic and function. Liquid Lights are custom built, […]

Diy: Repurposed Glass Jar

By Neodim

There are so many ways you can repurpose glass jars. You may already have some jars you plan to recycle. Or maybe you have some in your pantry or refrigerator […]

Clock Art

By Neokentin

All clocks are made by Peter Petrinec from upcycled objects. ++ Contact : panpetrikp ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com

Jar Glass Etching

By Neokentin

Glass etching can be incredibly beautiful, but often it is done with a caustic chemical, which is not suitable for the user and the environment. This recycled jar was etched […]

Terrarium Made From Discarded Light Bulb

By Neokentin

The Steamed Glass Studio is specialized in terrarium styles that twist nostalgia and curiosity with a unique charm. Constructed from an actual incandescent bulb, mosses, stones and lichens are at […]

Whiskey Bottle Computer

By Neodim

++ All details on how to do it !

Recycled Bus Stop

By Neodim

This beautiful work of public art, as well as utility, titled Bottlestop Bus Shelter Project, is in Lexington, Kentucky. Made by artist Aaron Scales, the bus stop was part of […]

Broken Glass Dresses

By Neodim

These dresses are made out of broken glass, from tiny pieces of mirror glass.

1,000 Beer Bottles Christmas Tree

By Neodim

A giant Christmas tree was made with 1000 Heineken beer bottles. Seen in front of the Nanjing Road mall in Shanghai.

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