Glass can be easily recycled to make beautiful objects. This category is dedicated to all the glass lovers :) To start, learn how to cut a glass bottle.

Remake It Kits

By Neodim

RePlayGround’s ReMake It Kits come with a structural base and you add your own recycled materials. Recycling made easy, beautiful, and functional! ++RePlayGround

Wine Bottles Shelves

By Ripe Green Ideas

Zero waste not only thought up these shelves stacked on used wine bottles but, share the full DIY instructions to make them.

Bottles Chandelier

By Neodim

Very nice chandelier made with old bottles. ++ North Glen Glass BottleWorks

Recycled Glass Bottles by Laurence Brabant

By Neodim

Made by Laurence Brabant. Collected old wine bottles which are then cut and chamfered. Cork or beech are used for the wooden parts. ++ Laurence Brabant

Beergoggles: Beer Glasses

By Neodim


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