Glass can be easily recycled to make beautiful objects. This category is dedicated to all the glass lovers :) To start, learn how to cut a glass bottle.

Vitaene C Bottles Upcycled into Chandelier

By alirezayj

Recycled art, can be defined as an art form that uses old or used items or day-to-day trash to create something which is brand-new, attractive, and useful in most cases.

Original Murano Glass from Italy

By Neokentin

We at ArtWeShop are Murano glass art enthusiasts united with the mission to bring back art in the life of people. We created the ArtWeShop online platform to introduce people […]

5 Minute Candlesticks

By Ronja Lotte

For years, I have been following the Washi tape craze in the crafting scene and although I own one or two Washi tapes myself, I never really knew what to […]

Diy: Detergent Cup

By Ronja Lotte

Since I needed a detergent cup, I just made one myself and the reaction of my friends was rather … subdued. To be precise, I only got astonished looks until […]

Recycled Old Window With Stained Glass Art

By Neokentin

I found this large old window sash on a street in Upson Co., Georgia. Once cleaned and reglazed I attached several pounds of 1/2″ stained glass mosiac tiles and grouted […]

Side Tables Made From Reused Bottles And Wood By Tati Guimarães


Tati Guimarães is a Brazilian designer living in Barcelona from where she manages her design studio Ciclus. Founded in 2001, Ciclus expresses emotion through design and ideas are transformed with […]

Bauble Vase

By Ronja Lotte

Make a hanging vase with transparent baubles in five minutes. Get the tutorial here.

Making a Coca-cola Bottle Light

By Goecostore

I handmade this Coca-Cola bottle light from a used bottle and various items that I purchased specially to create the unique design. The first step was to drill a 10mm […]

30+ Creative Ideas Using Vintage Glass Insulators

By Neodim

Vintage Glass insulators were first produced in the 1850s for telegraph lines, then for telephone and power transmission lines. They insulated and protected the wooden poles from the electricity coursing […]

Long Decorated Wine Glass and Silver Plated Necklace

By Urban Raven

A wine glass broke at my house. I decided it will make a beautiful necklace with it and I did it :) My passion is to take an item (that […]

18 Gorgeous and Useful Things To Make From Old Glass

By a piece of rainbow

Are you looking for inspiring ideas to re-use glass bottles, jars, vases, etc, which we all have around our home? Before you take them all to the recycle bin, check […]

Turn An Old Glass Table Top Into A Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Light Art

By a piece of rainbow

There are some things money can’t buy, such as love, or the south rose window of Notre Dame. This stained glass mosaic is inspired by the glorious rose window.It’s made […]

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