How To Make Flask From Your Favourite But Old Jeans And A Glass Bottle

I have already show how to make a flask from a sleeve of a leather jacket. And now I want to tell and show how to meke similisr flask using some old jeans. First of all cut roughly to size a piece of denim. I decided to utilize existing seam as a decorative piece along with the label from the jeans. Wrap fabric arond the bottle tight and make a mark to get the dimention. As soon as you get the idea of how it works you’ll be able to figure out the rest of the dimentions and mark the layout of the piece. When you cut everything into size wrap the fabric around the bottle as it will be in the finished flask and mark the position of the lable. I often use glue stick to temporally fix parts into places for sewing. Never use a doublesided tape to fix pieces in places where you planning to sew unless you’re really hate yourself or it is a some sort of special tape because the ordinary one tends to gum up the thread and the neadle making sewing almost imposible. When the lable is sewned down into place fold the piece and sew the side (at this moment it’s good to test if the bottle fits in the created sleeve) and the bottom as shown on photos (in fact you don’t need to fold the edge at the bottom as I did (I had no idea of what I was doing: it was a prototipe))Then turn the bag you got inside out and push the bottom crners inside. Apply some doublesided tape into bottles neck before putting it into sleeve or do it after if you choose to use hot glue gun. Pull the sleeve onto bottle and flatten bottom corners. Then pull the sides of the top of the sleeve and fix them to bottles neck making sure you’re not pulling a material from the opposite side to much. Then sew created flaps at the neck as shown in the photo. I was tottaly ok with how the orinal bottle cap looked so I did nothing to it but there’s definitly a lot of ways to decorate it if you want to. So I guess this is it for this tutorial and let the Jeans be with you!
Also, you can see this tutorial on greater resolution pictures here. And for more projects like this check my blog on Tumblr.

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