Recycled Packaging

In our society of “buy it, use it, trash it”, we are invaded by packagings. In fact, there is a packaging for everything, and you pay it! So, instead of throwing them away, reuse them into something useful, find more than a hundred of ideas to reuse your old packagings in this category.

Volcano: Eco-design Workshop For Children

By Neokentin

VOLCANO is a workshop/school of eco-design that produces and teaches children, young people and adults to create games and educational toys from post consume packaging and alternative materials. When throwing […]

Upcycle A Cereal Liner

By Neodim

Try to reuse as much plastic as possible. I like to store my rice inside of a well washed cereal plastic bag (liner) because is quite sturdy and thick. And […]

Soda Can Art

By RecyclingArt

Soda cans are a great material to use for art projects as they are so colorful. I cut them in different shapes and use them for pictures, mirrors or magnets.

Little Lightning Town From Ice Cream Containers

By Georgina Verbena

A colorful lightning town to my daughter made with upcycled ice cream containers. Will the fairies come ? … By Georgina Verbena

Els Homes Llauna / The Tin Man

By Neodim

Men made with recycled cans, wire, nails, buttons and…………………………a lot of imagination! :)

Diy: Un Frasco De Perfume Para El Bolso

By Febrero es así

Tutorial ilustrado paso a paso con el que reciclar un viejo bote de productos cosméticos para hacer un frasco de perfume para el bolso. No te lo pierdas.

Alternative Egg Carton Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

Saving our planet’s magnificent nature comes with many responsibilities, but sometimes, the smaller things are which matter the most. This year, you can forget about the big, old, expensive trees, […]

Recycled Egg Boxes into an Amazing Turtle

By Neokentin

Brazilian animal sculptor and painter Claudio Barake has always been fascinated by metals, foundry and has been involved in the creative process for the past 4 years. After many research […]

Nescafe Project

By Neokentin

The need to utilize commercial waste inspired me to create this installation. Used coffee & tea cups have been marked with mixed media. Acrylic paint, miniature stickers and paper craft […]

Diy: Speaker from Recycled Pringles Box / Altavoz Con Bote De Pringles

By yonolotiraria

A fast and easy project to have a speaker for your smartphone ! Rapido, barato y sencillo.

The Thought: Recycled Cans Portrait

By Evans Ngure

I love using beverage cans due to their bright versatility in colour and attractiveness. This portrait is done entirely from recycled beverage cans depicting Kenya founding father the late Mzee […]

Upcycled Tin Can Into Retro Lamps

By Neokentin

Retro handmade lamps from repurposed tin cans! With a little creativity, used cans can add character to your home décor. Think twice before you discard used soup, coffee or vegetable cans. […]


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