Volcano: Eco-design Workshop For Children

VOLCANO is a workshop/school of eco-design that produces and teaches children, young people, and adults to create games and educational toys from post-consumer packaging and alternative materials.

When throwing any packaging away, we are wasting technology and excellent quality material, overloading the dumps, and leading the destiny of the planet’s waste to future generations. So, creating and teaching how to create toys, musical instruments, and games from resistant and long-lasting packaging delays the way towards the garbage cycle and enables the development of a more aware, responsible, and creative society.

Creating new objects from everyday waste is thinking over our behavior as users. Aware consumption is building up citizenship, considering the impact of our product and service consumption on society and the environment. Millions of tons of waste are produced daily in a big city. We should be responsible for our own waste, reducing its volume and preserving the environment making the city a cleaner and more pleasant place.

Transforming post-consumer packaging into new and educational games using creative energy is a cheap and clean alternative to retarding material recycling. Packaging can be back to waste after being worn out by use.

The most important issue for this design is identifying the kind of post-consumer packaging produced by a community and transforming them into new and educational objects. For example, in Brazil, in the south-west region (more industrialized), the post-consumer packaging are absolutely different from the north-east region, offering different solutions and possibilities. Therefore, the real challenge is to understand the local and daily waste and what we can do with that. The low cost of objects makes possible the generation of direct income to transforming agents.

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