Recycling Metal

Projects to gives you some inspirations for recycling metal.

Drum Bench !

By Neodim

Beautiful piece of art, made by Stanker with an old drum ! ++ Sold here

Chair to Bench Conversion

By Neodim

++ Dornob

Bench of Nails

By Neodim

A bed of nails conjures mental images of extreme asceticism, potential pain and times past. This bench of nails inverts that association with a smooth, curved and rippled surface for […]

Bench / Planter Combo From Old Drums

By Neodim

Another great example of recycled industrial waste is these 55-gallon drums that have been transformed into colorful bench / planter combos. The benches are 4×4 pieces of 1-inch plywood slid […]

Old Radiator Into Chair

By Neodim

Two old radiators transformed into a design chair…but do you think it is very comfortable?!?

Repurposed Rain Gutters

By Neodim

Repurposing things is like infinity :-) More information here !

From Old Shopping Cart To Gardening Planter

By Neodim

Old shopping cart upcycled into an original planter :)

Upcycled Tea Pot Light

By Neodim

An entire collection from “garbage” whose leitmotiv is : your garbages have talent ! ++ garbage

1940’s Grain Silo Bed & Breakfast

By Neodim

There’s just something great about the repurposing of something you see everyday, in this case the ubiquitous 1940’s grain silo, into something with a completely different purpose. In this case […]

Tin Bucket Sink Bassin

By Neodim

Imagine walking into a cafe filled with warm colors, creative furniture, and vintage Indonesian film posters !   Welcome to KEDAI, a wonderful cafe located in Kemang in South Jakarta, […]

Lighting Made of Galvanized Iron

By Neokentin

Table lamp made of galvanized iron parts that make it different and artistic !

Tea Pot Fountain

By Neodim

Found here on FLickR

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