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This is the category for all the fans of the mechanic; regardless it’s rolling, floating or flying. Truck parts, car parts, caravans, trains or wagons, aircraft parts, boat parts, everything, could be recycled or upcycled into something new!

The Lampster: Robot Lights From Upcycled Vehicle Lamps

By Neokentin

These cute tiny robot lamps are made by “The Lampster” from recycled or reused lamps from old vehicles such as tractors, cars, and motorbikes. The neck is made out of polished […]

Upcycled Auto & Truck Parts Into Tailgate Benches

By Neokentin

Man cave or garden ideas from Chevrolet truck into tailgate bench or auto parts furniture. Only found objects used in the fabrication of our products. Built to last, each piece […]

Vintage Massey Ferguson Tractor Upcycled Into Design Bar

By Neokentin

Abandoned vintage tractor that was rescued from an empty field and superbly repurposed into a bar with a glass top. A beautiful way of giving a second and useful long […]

Amazing Recycled Arts From Tires, Hubcaps & Rims

By Neokentin

Our cars take us to many exciting destinations and help us meet some fascinating people. We met people who have brought their cars from New York to New Mexico, North Dakota to […]

Recycled Car Part Art

By Neokentin

We see broken down cars on the side of the road on a daily basis. Sometimes these vehicles are still able to be driven but are such an eyesore that […]

Standing Lamp Planter … From Volkswagen Car Scraps

By raydream

“You’re just like my grandfather collecting these junks!” A colleague exclaimed as I salvaged parts from a Volkswagen destined for the scrap yard. Grandfather from Germany or not, I couldn’t […]

11 Converted Guesthouses: Trucks, Caravans, Planes, Trains & Wagons to Rent on Airbnb

By Neodim

If you’re looking for one of a kind places to rent for your weekend or holidays, then you necessarily know Airbnb. At Recyclart, we love repurposed ideas, so here is a […]

Upcycled Hubcaps into Animal Sculptures

By Neokentin

British artist Ptolemy Elrington Recycles Old Hubcaps Into Beautiful Animal Sculptures. Ptolemy collects thousands of old abandoned hubcaps from all across Britain to make these beautiful creatures. All the hubcaps […]

Upcycled Lamp Science

By Neokentin

On my website you will find a extreme take on upcycled lamp designs. I don’t care for cardboard, Popsicle sticks or milk jugs and feel if your going to upcycle […]

Soda Cans 1930’s Pick-up

By Opensources

The association Open Sources is transforming a 2012 truck into a 1930’s American pick-up. This project was done for the dance biennale of Lyon. A social and ethic project realized […]

Old Massey Ferguson Tractor Repurposed As A Piece Of Industrial Design For Your Interior

By Neodim

We love this idea of bringing a beloved Massey Ferguson into your home. We had never seen such brilliant idea to give a twist to you industrial interior.

Vintage Truck Parts Transformed Into Benches

By Neokentin

These benches have been created from the remains of vintage truck parts (Ford, Chevrolet…), reclaimed wood, some heavy duty old chains and other discarded industrial waste by Recycled Salvage. We […]

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