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1759 Knucklehead

By Neokentin

My interpretation of a Harley Davidson Knucklehead motorbike. It is made almost exclusively from used guinness cans and their ringpulls.

Xiang Qi (Ca Tuong) - Chinese Chess Set

By Neokentin

The figurines are made from different parts in steel, aluminium, brass, leather out-take, glass marbles… I used an old motor copper wire to sew the leather. The game board is […]

Pineapple Cafe Lights

By Neokentin

Made from recycled punched aluminium roofing material.

Scarves Organiser

By Neokentin

A simple way to sort your gloves, scarves and hats this winter PLUS occupying less space, guaranteed! you can try it out !

Pop Top Lamp Shade

By Neokentin

I made the first one of these back in 2009, and it was later included in Garth Johnson’s creative reuse book. Since then, I have had many requests for a […]

Binder Made From Old Road Sign

By Neokentin

This binder is not actually bulletproof, but with 3/32″ aluminum sheet covers, nickel-plated steel piano hinges, and all-riveted construction, it’s a dern sight tougher than just about any other 3-ring […]

Fashionable Bracelet

By Neokentin

An aluminum grate and nylon thread have been upcycled into a fashionable bracelet. ++ Available at Sliverwick Etsy Shop !

Photo Frame

By Neodim

Recycled wooden palette and aluminium cans to beautiful photo frame. ++ Atelier Arduini

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