by Alejandra Martínez

Eco Green Birthday Decorations

Here a few ideas of how to make a birthday celebration with an ecological / recycling touch.

  • Lanterns: pierced tin can with citrus peel around the tea light.
  • Straws labels: Use the pull tab rings and bottle caps from carton milks to use them as labels (If you find paper straws, even better!).
  • Candle holders: Wine or olive oil bottles are perfect for this and add a sophisticated even though upcycled touch as table centerpiece.
  • Wishes / Guestbook tree: Painted can lids hanging on fallen natural tree branches are a great use for these every-day items.
  • Paper Banner: reused filling shipping paper.
  • Origami ceiling paper flowers: reused newspaper.
  • Flower Banner: reused toilet paper roll.
  • Hand-painted favors for guests: River stones painted with different motifs with a “thank you for coming” note on the back arranged on egg carton shells.

Hope you find these ideas inspiring to improve and become more environmentally conscious! :)



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