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Recycled Egg Boxes into an Amazing Turtle

By Neokentin

Brazilian animal sculptor and painter Claudio Barake has always been fascinated by metals, foundry and has been involved in the creative process for the past 4 years. After many research […]

John Lopez Metal Sculptures

By Neokentin

American sculptor John Lopez is native of South Dakota state (USA). Raised on a ranch, it was first launched in the production of bronze sculptures who have experienced unprecedented success […]

Dog and Cat Rock Portraits Commissions by Roberto Rizzo

By Neokentin

My name is Roberto and I’m an Italian artist with over 20 years experience in animal paintings, wildlife art and pet portraits. I’m best known for my ‘rock painting art’: […]

Artist Adoryanti Makes Funny Looking Sculptures of Animals out of Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

I am a Hungarian artist, with an MA in Digital Film and Animation (London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom). My sculptures are made from waste material. I use consumer goods, […]

Crocheted Tortoise Cozy

By Neokentin

If you have the tortaddiction symptom, you will fall in love of those Katie Bradley creations. As Katie is addicted to caring for and rehabilitating tortoises and she loves them […]

Little Cork Animals

By Neokentin

Champagne corks disguise themselves as bears, deer, rabbit and mouse. Cute ideas by Anisbee!

A Pallet Bed for a Pet

By Neokentin

A pet bed made out of pallets

Loup Jeannette

By Loisirette

Loup fait au crochet avec un recyclage de jeannette en bois de nos grand-mère.

Giant Beasts at the Rice Straw Art Festival

By Neodim

Kagawa Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture in Japan have the most famous “straw art festivals,” which are large straw sculpture displays. Every fall, rice is harvested, leaving behind straws. Traditionally, straw […]

Le Jardin Des Bennes

By Neokentin

All kinds of funny objects made from recycled everyday objects ! Je réalise des assemblages ludiques à partir d’objets du quotidien, usés, anciens que je détourne le plus souvent sous […]

Bottle Cap Star Fish

By Neokentin

The idea for this starfish came from the bright and vibrant bottle tops of Newcastle Brown Ale!

Elephant Mask

By Bill Thomson

Creative Elephant Wall Mask by Bill Thomson. Made from recycled metal garbage can lid, plastic golf tubes, plastic bottle caps and metal dryer hose.

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