Recycled Egg Box Into Japanese Snow Monkey

By Neokentin

Using a paste made of recycled eggbox papers mixed with glue, this solid Japanese snow monkey sculpture took 11 months to complete. The drying process is really slow. A lot […]

Egyptian Vulture From Recycled Household Plastics

By sandie m sutton

Household plastic waste used to create & promote endangered wildlife.

Indian Rooster Cardboard Sculpture

By Neokentin

This cardboard sculpture of a young fighting Indian rooster took a long time to complete, approximately eight months. It was made from recycled cardboard paper and acrylic paste & paint. Each […]

Animals Cut out of Plastic Bottles

By janwis

I wanted to promote recycling, so I designed these animals which I cut from plastic bottles that are usually wasted. They can maybe be produced by people in developing countries, to who I will send drawings of the cutting pattern when they ask me.

Solid Recycled Cardboard Animal Sculptures

By Neokentin

The constant growing awareness about our planet resources made me start experimenting with recycled materials. But I needed the sculptures to be as robust and lasting as metal sculptures. I developed sculptures by using cardboard boxes, and all sorts of leftover papers. I pick boxes in the streets to recycle. There is so much material thrown away by us. So much raw material taken from nature unworthy to us. My sculptures take around six months to complete.

Tekka, Pygmy Marmoset Monkey Out of Upcycled Clothing, Polymer & Wire

By TouchedbyLavender

Each TBL doll is handmade. “Tekka” is a Pygmy Marmoset monkey made from a recycled child’s winter vest, polymer, and wire. TouchedbyLavender is inspired by both fantasy and realistic animals. […]

The Trouble With Cats & The Making Of A Pickle Juice Chair

By Upcycled Design Lab

Would you ever consider recovering your furniture with twine, pickle juice, and gelatin? No? Well, I probably wouldn’t have thought of it either if it hadn’t been for my cats.

Fantasy Wolf Pup Made From Recycled Clothing

By TouchedbyLavender

“Red” the Fantasy Wolf Pup was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Red has a handmade wire poseable skeleton. The hands and face are made with Polymer clay. All of […]

Recycled Art Interview #11: Sayaka Ganz

By Neokentin

We continue our series of posts interviewing “recycled art” crafters & artists. This week, we interviewed Sayaka Ganz, a multidisciplinary artist who creates impressive animal sculptures using salvaged plastic housewares, […]

Recycled Clothing Raccoon Noni

By TouchedbyLavender

Noni the raccoon was made by Seattle, WA artist TouchedbyLavender. Noni has a handmade wire pose able skeleton. The hands and face is made with Polymer clay. All of her […]

Handmade Animal From Recycled Clothing

By TouchedbyLavender

Handmade animal from recycled clothing, Artist TouchedbyLavender from Seattle, WA. Thank you for helping others discover my art!

Recycled Clothing Poseable Hamster

By TouchedbyLavender

Handmade recycled clothing art dolls by artist TouchedbyLavender. Follow me on Facebook to see upcoming adoptions!

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