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Design 100% Recycle

By Neokentin

Annarita Mameli, creative recycling artist, Violetta Canitano, architect and designer. From our chance meeting and shared passion for eco-sustainability, to life an exciting collaboration and a unique creative project Design […]

Recycled Pallet Armchair

By Neokentin

I have designed another piece of furniture using pallet: an armchair! It is made using a single pallet and two Ikea cushions. I have designed a whole living room with […]

Beer Cans Into Furniture

By Matenak

I have completed a furniture made of beer cans. The chair has 261 in it (weight 4.8kg), and the table has 92. Collecting the material was quite fun, but I […]


By Neodim

I was obsessed by these 70’s seat my grandmother had in her attic. I knew that when i would get my own house , i would re-new them. Here is […]

Extreme Champagne Capsule

By Neokentin

Take advantage of that mysterious creativity hidden in champagne bubbles and give capsules a second life. Sportsmen, musicians, famous people, animals, pieces of furniture, bicycles… What your imagination can do […]

Cardboard Rockin’ Chair

By Neokentin

Chair created from sheets of recycled cardboard, industrial residue of a textile company. Production begins from the study of the ergonomic shape and of the perforations in the plates, used for […]

Spray Cans Armchair and Pouf

By Neokentin

The Spray Paint Can Armchair was designed by Luigi Semerano for Milan Design Week 2011 and is comprised of over 200 empty cans of spray paint and securing the form […]

Pallet Armchair

By Neokentin

Totally recycle armchair, just 2 pallets and a picket of garden…and screws…

Organ Chair, Low Table, and Bed

By Neodim

Inspired by the texture and dynamism of varying lengths of organ pipes, this modern collection is composed entirely of half-inch PVC conduit. ++BRC Design

Rests Of Wool Into Armchair Slipcover

By Neokentin

Els Van Hemelryck just made this slipcover for his old armchair, with all the rests of his wool. He can’t throw away any wool, even if the threads are too […]

Garden Armchair Made From Recycled Bottle Caps

By Al Ha veDa

This armchair is made of recycled plastic bottle caps that have been shredded (70% of the finished product) and mixed with neutral PE (30%). Qui est Paul? Has chosen this […]

Poetic Furniture

By Neodim

Lovely armchair transformed into a poetic garden furniture.

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